Auto Body Repair Company in Hampton, VA


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business hours?
We're open Monday through Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

How soon after I bring my car in will I get it back?
It depends on how badly your car is damaged and how soon the replacement parts come in. When we give you a target completion date, we will keep you fully informed of progress and any occurrences that may cause a delay.

The insurance company (or party paying the bill) has told me to get two or three estimates. Do I have to do that?
No. Virginia requires only one estimate and you have the absolute right to choose your repairer.

Can you really match the paint color exactly? Will the repainting be as good as the original?
Yes, provided it's an original color and it hasn't faded. We use a high-technology BASF basecoat / clearcoat system and the most advanced color-matching tools in the industry to assure an OE quality finish and proper color match.

If your estimate is higher than the one my insurance company wrote, will I have to pay the difference if I bring my car to you?
No. The insurance company is appraising only the damage they can see. Very often, there is hidden damage that cannot be identified or appraised until the vehicle has been thoroughly disassembled. At that time, we will work with the insurer to obtain approval for any supplemental repairs that may be needed to return the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Your only financial obligation will be the cost of your deductible and any “betterments” that result such as a new tire in place of one with greater than 50% tread wear, or any damage unrelated to the accident that you may choose to have done.

If my car has frame damage, will it ever be right again?
Yes. We have state of the art measuring and unibody and frame straightening equipment to restore your vehicle to factory specifications for structural integrity and fit. Any components that cannot be safety repaired will be replaced.

My insurance estimate lists "L.K.Q." or "aftermarket parts" (or re-chromed parts or remanufactured parts or recycled parts or used parts). Are they as good as new factory parts?
LKQ is "like-kind quality" or used original equipment parts removed from another late-model vehicle similar to yours. Aftermarket parts are new parts built by a 3rd party manufacturer. If we find that the LKQ or aftermarket part specified by the insurer does not meet our standards for fit and finish, we will work with the insurer to obtain their approval to use new OE parts.

Do you provide loaner cars? Will insurance cover the cost of a rental?
We do not offer loaners, but we have an arrangement with Enterprise who will pick you up at our shop. We also provide rides within the local area. If you have rental coverage in your insurance policy the insurer will pay the cost of a rental subject to the limits set by your policy.

Can you save me some of my deductible?
No. Your deductible is part of your contract with your insurance company.

If my insurance company tells me I have to go to another shop but I want to go to you, must I go to their shop?
No, you don't. And if they tell you to come to us and you want to go elsewhere, that is your right, too. You have the absolute right to choose your repairer.

Is all your work guaranteed?
Absolutely. We have a limited lifetime warranty on our paint and body work. We guarantee everything but rust, which we have no control over. There is an additional limited Lifetime Warranty provided by BASF on the paint work that is valid anywhere in North America.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and money order.

Can I wash a car that has been freshly painted?
Yes, you can wash it the same day you get it, but we will wash it for you before we hand it over! You shouldn't wax it for 30 days, however. And if bird droppings land on your car, remove it as quickly as possible.